Question about the Sigma 500mm f4 Sport lens

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Re: Question about the Sigma 500mm f4 Sport lens

Antal I Kozma wrote:

FrankG wrote:

Absolutely cracking great lens as far as I am concerned - sharpest long telephoto I have ever used and into the bargain works great with both the Sigma TC-1401 and Sigma TC-2001 converters (although with the latter most people will definitely need to use a tripod!). -------------------------------

So I have to say I continue to be baffled by the ongoing reports of the "AF inconsistency" issue that keep cropping up as I don't seem to be able to reproduce the problem. Presumably there must be some dodgy copies of this lens out there but it does seem quite extraordinary that Alan Clarke managed to get 3 in a row! Otherwise the only thing I can think of that I haven't seen gone into is whether this is in some way related to the way that the image stabilisation system is working - perhaps causing some physical "bounce", perhaps due to shutter/mirror slap, to go undetected. This can be a problem sometimes with long lenses when used on some tripod systems - mechanical resonances can occur.

One thing that the user manual for the lens does say is that if you are using a tripod "please switch the OS off".

I am always using the lens either with a lightweight Gitzo carbon fibre monopod or just hand-held. No problem!


Hi Frank,

Thank you for the first hand experience report. Seems like that you shoot similar subjects as I do and use the 500mm lens as I do, did in this case....... , with the 1.4x converter on a D500.

Your examples show that the lens is absolutely capable of delivering fine results. This reinforces my thinking that there are some good copies and some less than good copies of this lens. Also, given the customization options of the lens there might be various user inputs that eithger make the lens better or worse.

I contacted one of the retailers who I usually buy gear from and asked them if they could get a copy for me for testing. None of the mainstream dealers stock the Sigma 500mm f4 Sport in my area, SW Ontario. The dealer told me that they try to get a copy from the distributor for testing. So I am waiting now to see if they can get that copy from the Canadian Sigma distributor.

I am eager to try it out, check it with the Sigma dock and see how various settings would work for me for small birds. I would love to save the price difference between the Sigma and the Nikkor 500mm f4E FL. However, if the test copy would be affected by the AF then I would swallow the bitter pill and buy another Nikkor.

Thanks again, AIK

Good idea and good luck. Hope it works like a charm.


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