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BobT3218 wrote:

I too find Capture infuriatingly unintuitive. Perhaps I'm spoilt by LR or perhaps it's designed for an Asian mindset. I've been trying to get off LR for years. With every new permutation of Oly's editing software my hopes are raised then dashed. Frankly I'd be happy to forego the PP power of LR if I could find something that would seamlessly accept LR's file and keyword structure. That is critically important to me and Capture does not even come close.

Are you confusing "Olympus Capture" with "Capture One Pro"?

The former in a basic tethering programme from Olympus for the E-M5ii and all the versions of E-M1. The latter is a raw development programme from Phase One. They are completely different beasts.

"Capture One Pro" has "capture " in its name as it started out as a tethering programme but has now developed into a sophisticated, if not very intuitive, raw development programme.

I got Capture one Pro 2020 for free with my E-m1iii but had to wait until a few weeks ago for the E-m1ii to be supported.

I am still coming to grips with it. First impressions is that it is a good raw developer let down by its poor image organisational, cataloguing and keywording abilities.

Since my version of Lighroom (LR6) doesn't support the E-M1iii I will persisit with Capture One Pro until I find something better.

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