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Ken Croft wrote:

I have just loaded Olympus Capture and as usual with Olympus software I find it just infuriating. Why is using their software never intuitive. I have the Oly M1i and the M1ii. So I connect the M1i, and I see the image from the camera on the computer screen. I look for the zoom button [Oly 12-40 not on manual focus] but I cannot find it.

Olympus Capture can't control the zoom of lenses. Most lenses are manual zoom and the camera, and therefore Capture, has no way of moving the zoom position. A few lenses have power zoom and the camera can control the zoom position but Olympus Capture lacks any controls/buttons to activate this functionality. The Olympus smartphone apps can control power zooms so there is no fundamental reason why Capture can't.

I look for the shutter button. Can't find that either.

As others have said the large oval button at the bottom of Capture's control panel is the shutter button. The smaller left half is "half press" and the larger right  half is "full press".

On the computer keyboard "spacebar" toggles "half press" on and off and "enter" key activates "full press".

I go onto the internet and I find an Olympus instructional video. No help at all. And no, I have not read a manual for Olympus Capture because I don't have one. And yet I am someone who thinks Olympus camera menus are excellent and not at all confusing.

The controls on the camera are still functional when it is connected via Capture, and any changes made on the camera are displayed in Capture's control panel, and vice versa.

You have to use the camera to change between PASM modes as Capture can't do this. I suspect this is a design choice by the programmers. The PASM dial can't be phyically turned by Capture and would be out of sync if changes were made electronically by Capture. Leaving the camera's PASM dial as the only way to change modes keeps the  camera and Capture synchronised.

Whilst many settings can be controlled by Capture some things have to be changed using the "menu" button on the back of the camera. This is similar to the way you would use the SCP and the "menu" button, when using your camera untethered.

Focus modes are selected by the "AF select"button at the bottom of Capture's live view screen. If you are using a single, or small group of focus points, you can drag them about the live view screen using your mouse.

The magnify button at the bottom right of Capture's live view screen allows you to check critical focus. After you have used the magnify function the AF select button changes to the "Magnify frame" option and you need to switch back to one of the other AF target options to reactivate mouse control of the focus position.

If you switch to MF then the chevron buttons at the bottom of Capture's control panel can be used to adjust the focus. The amont of drive movement caused by each chevron can be adjusted by the stacked line/hamburger button to the right of the >>> button.

On my system the on screen live view image is crystal clear and allows very accurate focus control. I don't recall selecting any  particular display option when installing the programme, but it was a while ago.

If you haven't already done so, it is worth checking you have the latest version of Capture. Use "Menu>Help>UpdateSoftware".

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