Just bought a SW270C, what monitor color mode should I be using if my photos are exported in SRGB?

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Re: Just bought a SW270C...

Dumbin89 wrote:

Hey there,

I just recently got myself a SW270C, and am pretty new to editing in general. I tried searching everywhere for an answer to this question, but was having no luck in an answer.

I was wondering, if my goal is to edit photos and export them in SRGB for the web, should I be setting my monitor color mode to SRGB or Adobe RGB?

I will be using lightroom + photoshop for the editing, and also be calibrating using the i1 display calibration tool to whatever color space recommended. The monitor has 99% in both ARGB and SRGB.


Do you shoot jpeg or raw?

If you only ever want sRGB final images for the web, and shoot jpeg in sRGB, then I would suggest calibrating the monitor to sRGB as well.

Longer term, with more monitors (and televisions) moving to wide-gamut, it might not be the right choice in future but for the moment the web is almost exclusively sRGB.

I have the 4K SW271 and I shoot raw.  Although many of my images are for the web, some are printed on a printer with wider gamut than sRGB.  I calibrate the monitor to native gamut (a bit wider than Adobe RGB).  If I want to see what an image looks like in sRGB I use soft-proofing in LR.  This is much easier than switching profiles in the monitor which involves changing the monitor calibration, changing the Windows profile, and exiting and restarting LR (or it won't notice that the profile has changed).

Using the monitor in its widest gamut as I do is perhaps more future proof, but wide-gamut monitors involves some invonvenience.  The most significant is that, because most images (and virtually all on the web) are sRGB, it means you have to use colour-managed programs to view images or you get the wrong colours.  A significant number of Microsoft programs are still not colour-managed (or not colour-managed properly).  This include both IE and Edge (except the new Chromium-based one) and the Photos app.  Also Windows does not colour-manage the desktop.

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