Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Like a canon M50 in M43 or a new G5

3.8 MP EVF in the middle of the camera (= dslr form factor?)
Near GX9 size (any room for mic port?)
G100 with 12-32mm kit lens will cost $749 (dekit price= US$620?)

Sounds like a canon M50 in M43 .. if that`s the case what will they call the G95 replacement , or will they converge the lines like they did with the GX series and Dumb down the G9 replacement

Modern day G5 ? ...... the G cams got bigger and bigger after this model (the G3 was technically the smallest but the G5 was the same size with a grip) , here it is with the tiny 14-42-II on , a G9 looks like a Nikon D850 next to this little thing, maybe they`re going back to G roots with the 100 series ?

Here`s the G5 Next to the G90 which is smaller the than the G9

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