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Swordman wrote:

I'm sure we would all love to read that book!

Also, thanks folks for all the replies!


Well, it's mostly about small things like button placement and backlit buttons and stuff I care about very much.  E-620 is also about the system which I don't need to carry a lot of lenses and everything works together like one unity from material used, to filter size and share equipments, so photographers aren't slowed down due to those technical nuisances.  I want to look through VF, not at the camera.  I want to think about my subject, not my camera.  I want to be able to shoot blind, not fumbling to find "where is that button?"  When I change lenses, I don't want to think about "where is that 62mm lens cap, this lens uses 67mm."  If every lens uses the same filter thread, I could just swap caps and start shooting already.  "This green filter is 62mm, oh, I forgot 67mm green filter is at home."  It's very aggravating to have those moments, then you realize the quality of light has changed while you're trying to resolve stupid issues.

BTW, I picked my systems based on lenses, not camera bodies.  I bought E-620 because I knew I wanted 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 SWD (and I can't tolerate the plastic used on Canon Rebel.  It's very cheap and not hypoallergenic).  When I bought OM-4T, I already chose the lenses in the 55mm filter thread line up.  35mm f/2 and 50mm f/2 can share lens hood.  Zeiss lenses from Contax Yashica system actually have step up rings, so lens hood can be shared among lenses of different filter threads.  I thought that was ingenuous.  My book has tons of fine prints....  LOL

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