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citizenlouie wrote:

Swordman wrote:

Hey guys,

What, in your opinion, is your all time favourite camera in terms of how nice it is to use? No concessions to image quality, doesn't matter if it's film or digital, just nice to use.

For me, it's got to be the Pentax K1000 or Bronica SQ-A. The Pentax just feels so good and efficient to use, the Bronica is just an experience with a big waist level finder and thunderclap mirror slap.

So, what's yours?

Digital: Olympus E-620. But E-M5 MK II might be close.

Film: Olympus OM-4T.

Both cameras share one strength, I can shoot my photos without thinking about the camera. It's intuitive and extension of my body. Fuss free and low maintenance.

Those are my favorite cameras. Not necessarily technically best cameras nor necessarily the cameras I use the most (which would be Olympus E-M5 MK II), but they're favorites for reasons way too long to explain (I wrote them but deleted them because I don't think anybody wants to read a book about them...).

I'm sure we would all love to read that book!

Also, thanks folks for all the replies!

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