Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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Re: Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

gilliano wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

I want reiterate and to make sure you understand that RAID will not work as a backup for you. If you screw up your LR catalogue a mirrored RAID system will make sure that the "copy" is exactly as screwed up as the original.

Personally I do not consider backing up to a single external drive good enough insurance. Seen too many of them fail.

I totally agree.  That's why I have two external drives that I alternate in a weekly cycle and two more that I alternate in a monthly cycle.  My backup drives are larger than my online drive, allowing me to keep multiple backups on each drive going back several months.

The LR catalog issue: I back up my internal hard drive to two separate external hard drives. I can point LR at any of the three drives as they are, in theory identical. Problem: creating two identical backups manually is time consuming and difficult to do perfectly over a long period of time, inevitably differences creep in.

That seems like a lot of fuss to me.   I just stick a drive in my external USB drive dock once a week and let my backup copy everything.  I don't use Lightroom, but I do have Bridge, Thumbsplus, and a lot of other project-oriented software - all of the files and metadata catalogues on the entire disk just get backed up and the drive is removed when it's done.  If I loose the online drive or if it gets corrupted I can restore an individual file or the entire drive.

I also stick a USB flash drive in every evening and back up just the changed files, it takes a couple of minutes.  So in the worst case of disk or other failure I just have to reenter 1 days' worth of stuff, not usually a big deal for the kind of work I do.

I don't have to restore stuff very often, maybe once a year or so - and it's usually because I accidentally deleted something I didn't mean to or because I want to back out of some lengthy editing of program code that went down a rabbit hole.

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