Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Re: Likely been confirmed a GX9 class model...

alcelc wrote:

larsbc wrote:

jalywol wrote:

20MP, smaller than the G90 (closer to the GX9 size), with a high-res sensor in the middle of the body.

Now, that actually sounds like Panasonic decided to take some things from the GX9, and pop a good EVF on it.

I dunno...if it were for vlogging, it's unlikely to have an EVF at all. No need for it. Sony's new vlogging camera has no EVF. The main feature for vloggers is to have decent mics, the ability to view the screen while recording yourself, and good vlogging AF. Oh, and good stabilization of course.

Quote from 43 Rumors, a FT5 class info:

3.8 MP EVF in the middle of the camera (= dslr form factor?)
Near GX9 size (any room for mic port?)
G100 with 12-32mm kit lens will cost $749 (dekit price= US$620?)


If the above is true, it would have the highest resolution evf of M43 (GH5/GH5s/G9 has 3.68Mp resolution, and highest resolution evf of Oly are 2.36Mp).

The catch up could be: its native aspect ratio. If same as GX7/85/9 on 16:9 (good for video), likely the evf resolution on 4:3 would be reduced to 2.85Mp 🤔...

That's a bit weird as vloggers usually don't need a very good EVF as they use the screen much more (needs to have a selfie screen for sure). EVF being in middle might make things awkward for the screen.

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