Acrylic rods for product photograhy

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Re: Acrylic rods for product photograhy

I use acrylic rods and flat stock to make my own stands and fittings according to simple custom designs. Acrylic is a clean material that glues almost instantly with the cement that has consistency of water (see below).  If the joint is good enough, the solvent will make the joint invisible.  I cut the pieces with a fine tooth hacksaw while holding the material in a vise. If precision cuts are needed, I use a small lathe or mill, but for most work, that's not necessary. Acrylic can be bent after heating with a heat gun or hair dryer.

Acrylic shatters easily and won't take drilling and tapping very well, nor is it good for a stress member. For those applications, I use polycarbonate.

Acrylic rods, flat, and cement from my stock of materials. The item between the rods and flat is a dive knife sheath for protection in checked luggage, glued together with the solvent shown.

Typical acrylic stand with pegs glued to a flat.

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