Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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No please not the GM5ii .....

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I’m surprise this wasn’t reported sooner since I just came back from work.

No news if this is the successor to the G9 or the G90. However, I place my bet it will be the later and we will see the Gh6 series announcement later this year?

Plausible based on the name, but a G90/95 successor after less than a year and a half sounds very unusual. The G95 is still near launch price in some markets!

My money is on more loopy naming from Panasonic, and a camera that replaces the G9 and/or GH5.

Or, based on the number of digits, a barebones model that sits below the G95 in the lineup. Which would imply some consistency and logic in naming, so never mind.

And whatever happened to the GX10? A delay in both announcement and shipping doesn't surprise me in the circumstances but the complete silence (both official and rumour mill) does.

I suggest that the world camera industry is being tested at the moment with quite a lot of unsold stock. It might be wise to hold back new releases of premium priced models and maybe release a made-under model where stocks of its predecessor are not that high.

Only speculating ...

A GM6 you mean?

Not really in my dotage here ... I am having too much fun with my GM camera bodies to be ready to upgrade them yet.

But I just took the generic image on the the rumour site and thought “G90 update”.

But consider the waves ....

The GM1 and GM5 are now “quite a while ago”.  Panasonic continued the series after a fashion by selling the GF7 with subsequent annual makeovers annually each February until the GX850 a couple of years ago when that type ceased altogether.

They have no compact quality bodies in their catalogue.  Other cameras such as the G9, GX9 and GH5 are already pretty good - why should they just do a makeover that might hardly be necessary?

The GF7 et al was marketed to a less involved market and a lower price. Things like jumps-shot, simplified controls, selfie capable tilt screen, larger and cheaper (if not lesser quality build) were obviously aimed at making a GM type that could be sold at a lower price more profitably. But maybe the GM concept has been pushed out to the GX850 and now needs a re-think. If I did not have my GM cameras then i might have bought one, just one, of the GF7 successor bodies.

So if we consider Pansonics avowed new numbering system as single digits for larger bodies, double for medium bodies, and triple for smaller bodies as being a continuing thing even if size does not actually have a quality indicator then maybe a G100 might be a smaller camera closer to the GM type idea.

I had not been thinking along these lines, but now that it is mentioned - a compact rocket might be a refreshing change from the ever increasing size-creep of other more recent models.

A sort of back to the basics of M4/3 and another tour-de-force of what M4/3 could offer.

But if it were a super-GM then “what a surprise”, but it would cause something of a crisis in my camera body stable as it is already well stocked with loved-to-death GM camera bodies.

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