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Re: Don't bother with the A99

Maxxum Fan wrote:

neilt3 wrote:

  • tbcass wrote:

neilt3 wrote:

tbcass wrote:

Get the A99ii.

I still say it would be cheaper to just clean his sensor !

Cheaper yes but I love my A99ii and wouldn’t trade it for any E Mount, other mirrorless or DSLR.

I still have the a900 & a77ii .

At some point I'll have an a99ii .

Their holding their prices used and new ones haven't come down any , at this rate I'll have to stump up and buy a new one !

I'll have one one day .....maybe next year .

Building a new engine for my van this year !

I dunno buying a new A99i doesn't seem smart to me, I wouldn't even buy a used one

I'd rather pick up an A99 least they are cheap enough if you dig around, 24mp is fine for most. Anyone who says don't bother A99 is missing out the output is great, excellent DR. Sure the AF points limited but good enough. Low light is better on new cameras, but it's still a good step up from crop and most will be happy enough with it

Reality bites Sony dumped on their A mount users, dunno about u but I ain't inclined to give a company money that treats it's users like that. I don't buy new gear anyway it's bad value long term

Just wondering ....

Is it Canon or Nikon you shoot now ?

It can't be Sony , you hate them too much .

Did you throw your Minolta gear in the sea when Sony bought them or stick it on eBay ?

Your still clearly very hurt by them , your making that clear on several forums now ......

Try not to let them upset you too much .

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