Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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Re: Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

gilliano wrote:

calson wrote:

The least expensive approach with NAS is to buy an enclosure (QNAP or Symbology) that takes 2 hard drives and use RAID1 that copies all data to both hard drives so each mirrors the other one. When one drive fails a replacement is put into the enclosure and the NAS will then copy data from the good drive to the new drive and at the same time you can access the data on the good drive.

I think this is what I need: the combination of mirrored drives and the automatic backup/ copy/ restore sounds right.

My main problem right now is just time spent manually backing up and the occasional LR cataloging nightmare when I screw up.

I want reiterate and to make sure you understand that RAID will not work as a backup for you.   If you screw up your LR catalogue a mirrored RAID system will make sure that the "copy" is exactly as screwed up as the original.

Backups to external USB drives can be scheduled to run automatically as long as you leave your computer on overnight and you remember to leave a drive plugged in.   In the morning you unplug the drive and squirrel it away somewhere, not exactly an onerous task.

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