Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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Re: Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

calson wrote:

There are NAS boxes that support 1GB Ethernet and that is the fastest data connection with your current computer, assuming that it is a laptop. With a desktop you could add a USB 3.1 port with a PCIe board.

The least expensive approach with NAS is to buy an enclosure (QNAP or Symbology) that takes 2 hard drives and use RAID1 that copies all data to both hard drives so each mirrors the other one. When one drive fails a replacement is put into the enclosure and the NAS will then copy data from the good drive to the new drive and at the same time you can access the data on the good drive.

With a NAS with Ethernet you or others can connect it to a wireless router and access it with a laptop from anywhere in the house. A wireless capable television can also access the files on the NAS and display them.

I think this is what I need: the combination of mirrored drives and the automatic backup/ copy/ restore sounds right. My main problem right now is just time spent manually backing up and  the occasional LR cataloging nightmare when I screw up. Automating would be huge. TThe speed would be a huge bonus: I am on a desktop. Thanks! I have never set anything like this up myself and was missing a few key terms and bits of the picture.

fwiw, I have a lot more than 1TB of data but I might have a TB in working status at any one time (video I have yet to review/ edit together mostly and sometimes a glut of the stupidly large files that the Canon software produces).

For true archiving I store tiff/jpg files on Blu-Ray discs and raw on the cloud. I'm not sure the cloud options are going to be around in 50 years but the discs should be!! It's cheap to do, I highly recommend it for long term data storage if you don't have access to some kind of professionally managed tape back up set-up.

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