Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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Re: Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

gilliano wrote:

So I have reached well over 1TB of photos/ video. Although I have a fairly robust multi-copy backup system in place I do not want to use a dead end like an external HD for any kind of long term storage (long time field researcher and data manager, seen way too many people do that and lose everything). My internet connection is slow and not unlimited and I am aware of the ways cloud systems can go away/ go out of business so cloud back up is not my preference. I'm looking at RAIDs but not really sure what is practical / affordable for a small operation like mine. Any specific recommendations? Anything to consider? Alternatives? Assume I know nothing about them, which is basically where I'm at.

Also atm I am limited to USB 2.0 on my current computer but in the next year or so will upgrade to a new computer with 3.0 or faster file share capability. Not sure if I should wait or if most systems can handle both types of connection?

I have a similar amount of data, and file copying is all I’ve ever used for backup. I haven’t lost anything in 30+ years of wrangling data.

I divide data into “Archive” and “Current” so that I don’t have to copy everything on a regular basis. Every five years or so, I consign additional data to the Archive set, which is refreshed yearly.

I run manual backups about once a month, while vital projects are backup up daily.

I have data copied across the network to several places...

  • Main server
  • Standby computer
  • My photo computer (Current data + Photos)
  • Travel computer (Current data only)

In addition, each computer has its dedicated external USB 3.0 HDD.

In my experience, RAID is a bad idea for a small operation. NAS could be useful, provided that is backed up.

I’m not sure about your “both types of connection” query. USB 2 and USB 3 are compatible, apart from the speed. You may be able to add a USB 3 adapter to your current computer.

Do think about networking as an option. In an emergency, any of my computers could assume the role of “main computer”.

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