Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Well, the latest rumors are interesting...

20MP, smaller than the G90 (closer to the GX9 size), with a high-res sensor in the middle of the body.

Now, that actually sounds like Panasonic decided to take some things from the GX9, and pop a good EVF on it....I wonder if it is a melded thing, taking GX9/GF10/and G90 characteristics and putting them together into one smaller, but not GF sized, body.  It actually sounds promising as a second body, as long as they do not leave out the IBIS....

Time will tell.

If it  IS GX9 sized, has a good EVF, and HAS IBIS, I could see where it could end up replacing my very loved, but aging GM5 (which is beginning to have issues)...not as tiny as that, for sure, but with features that I would be looking for in a small enough body.

Fingers crossed they did this right....


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