Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

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Re: Recommendations for long term storage: RAID or ??

Sorry to drag this out, but when you used the phrase “long term storage” I thought you were referring to some sort of archival purpose where the storage could be set on a shelf somewhere (literally or figuratively). Are you just referring to storage that you’re not actively working or editing from of but is still attached to your PC and online?

gilliano wrote:

A RAID is an array of hard drives with automatic multiple backups and the ones I'm familiar with have built in checks and warnings of impending failure for each individual drive in the array. It's a much more robust storage and backup system. However I know nothing about smaller affordable at-home RAIDs that I've found online, only big commercial types and so I'd like some input from those who are on good buys, personal experience, practical tips etc.

No RAID configurations offer backups. Full stop. RAID 1 configurations offer instantaneous copies of your data on two hard drives so that you can keep working if one of them fails. Any accidents on your part, file corruptions, malware infections, etc… are copied perfectly between the two hard drives. No RAID configuration of any kind offers multiple automatic backups. There may be some external disk systems that do things analogous to this but that’s a function of software running on those systems, not a RAID configuration they are using.

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