Protective Coat Not Needed on Canvas Prints

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If DMax changes with an overcoat, Make custom profiles with the overcoat

mike earussi wrote:

Ken60 wrote:

From my little dabble in this area, it would seem that the potential D Max of some canvas materials is not reached until they are "coated" with an overcoat . There are a few canvas materials that claim to not need an overcoat , and that it is " built in " , but I have no experience of these .

Could someone with a wide experience of this medium please set the record straight , also mention the coatings they have used and prefer.

If it's a matte canvas then it does need a glossy coating to achieved dmax (makes a big difference), but if luster or glossy it has almost no effect.

Whenever you have visible or even measurable differences with an overcoat, the ICC profiles should also be made with overcoated charts

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