What are your Pre Order plans for the new R5/6 based on CR

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Re: What are your Pre Order plans for the new R5/6 based on CR

David M. Anglin wrote:

If you do not plan to pre-order the new R5 or R6, you can ignore this thread. It seems Canon Rumors has new rumored on the upcoming R5/R6 and assorted lenses. What are your thoughts on the pre-order you will place day 1 even if you plan to modify based on reviews prior to shipment? This is my all in approach assuming I like what I read before shipment.

If the planets align, 90% of the speculation is true, and the IQ of the new systems is as expected, my EOS EF gear will go up for sale. I am a wildlife photographer and my assumption is that the R5 + RF 100-500 f4-f7.1 will be my primary combo for daytime and best part of golden hour. The R6 + RF 800mm f11 will be the choice I need more reach during cloudy days or the worst part of golden hour - assuming R6 performs better than the R5 on high ISO. I had written off the R6 & RF 800 f11 until reading the spec and speculation the focus would be low light performance similar to the 1dx III. The sale of my EOS EF gear should fund the switch. I want the AF, FPS & hight ISO of the 1dx II but don't need the ruggedness. My current gear provides far more capability than my skills can exceed, but I am an old guy and want new toys before I have to find a less strenuous subject than wildlife.

  • R5 Primary for all around shooting (replace 1dx II & 5dIV)
  • R6 Backup (low light if the 20mp performs as expected).
  • RF 24-105 f4 L IS (or keep / adapt my 24-70 f2.8 L II)
  • RF 100-500 f4-f7.1 L IS
  • RF 800 f11 IS - Not totally sold on f11, but will pre-order and cancel / return if bad reviews or not satisfied.
  • RF 1.4x TC depending on compatibility/performance with the the 100-500, not planning to use on the 800 f11.
  • EF to R adaptor which will stay on the EF 70-200 f4 L IS II (Kepping this lens, I love the weight/size/IQ)
  • R5 Grip (if available)
  • 3 LP-E6NH batteries
  • 3 / 128gb CFexpress cards (I already have SD UHS II cards and CFexpress card reader) .

This is going to be a hefty bill, but it should be covered by the "sunk" cost recovered by selling my EF gear.

In for a penny, in for a pound!

What are your plans IF you like what you read on full announcement.

Interesting times!

I will preorder (a first in my life) an R5 + memory cards + RF-EF adaptor for a start... I will use my EF lenses until I will bite the bullet and get me some RF glass (the 85 1.2 looks tasty).

Still undecided about keeping or not my 1D X (mk I): if the R5 will work as hyped it will probably be collecting dust... on the other side the value of a 1D X is quite low right now so it's not like I'd be saving a lot of money. But it probably will go since I've always kept 1 Canon DSLR at any time.

I use a MF rig for my fashion photography and maybe the R5 will become my video cam or a competent second cam.

I have felt constrained by the 18mp of the 1D X for quite some time so the R6 is not interesting to me. If it had a 30+mp sensor it could be a contender. If it will be indeed a 20mp sensor in the R6 then the decision has been made

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