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I doubt that many here will agree with me, but hey, it is a personal opinion, and it all depends on the interpretation of "nice".

A recent acquisition has impressed me far more than I ever expected when I decided, out of the blue, to purchase one. The reason that I nominate it for this category is that it is the most fun to use of all the SLR cameras I have owned.

My candidate is the original Konica Auto-Reflex.

First off, this camera is built like a tank, literally. If you shoot with it frequently and carry it along for a full day you will end up feeling like a Heavy Equipment Transporter yourself.

This was the first of the Konica SLR bodies to have automatic metering (the first AR mount camera able to use the EE and AE Hexanon lenses) and the meter is on the front of the camera, it is not TTL. It is, however, reliable and accurate.

It has the unique ability to switch from full-frame to half-frame and back, anywhere on the roll, at any time.

The viewfinder is quite bright and easy to use.

Taking this monster out for a hike and just shooting photos is, really, fun.

Hexanon 1.7/50, Astrum Foto 100, full-frame.

Hexanon 1.8/40, Astrum Foto 100, half-frame.

Vivitar 2.8/135, Astrum Foto 100, full-frame.

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