Best place to buy a used Nikon 500mm f/4

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Re: Considered Nikon 500mm f/4D ED-IF II?

I buy 90% of my photography gear used, sometimes off craigslist and the rest off of eBay. I bought my 400mm f2.8G VR through Used Photo Pro and I’ve also had great luck with Map Camera out of Japan. They ship fast too, only three days shipping and they always have the big primes in great condition for a hood price. So if it’s an older lens you might as well get it from them as USA model does not matter as much. Another recommendation would be Lens Authority or Borrow Lenses. I bought my new 400mm f2.8E VR FL through borrow lenses, US model 9.5/10 condition for $6799! It was on sale 30% off at the time!

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