Alternatives to go longer than 5Ds + 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS II

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Re: Alternatives to go longer than 5Ds + 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS II

1Dx4me wrote:

Igor Sotelo wrote:

It seems that the 800mm 5.6 AI-S or maybe the FD 800mm 5.6L are the cost efficient ways to gain considerable reach over 400mm.

Does it makes sense to get a Pentax 67 800mm 6.7 lens with EF, F or E adapter? The focal length equivalent is over 1600mm 6.7, and it comes with a dedicated 1.4X converter, making it around 2400mm 9.0 on full frame.

if your intention is to get larger (mm) for reach, go right ahead get mismatch lenses and couple them with adapters for use with different brand cameras, however, when i mount the 2.0x III TC on my canon 600mm II (1200mm f8.0) and take a shot, the outcome is not quite like high IQ shot for keeper, not near what come out with bare 600mm lens! good luck.

Since was a kid, had a then top of the line Pentax binoculars and observing different things soon got a good feeling for distance. If I recall right the binoculars were 16X, the equivalent of 800mm on full frame. When I started watching the moon, it was a strange feeling, because it seemed way closer than what the books said.

Was looking to get something with additional reach, good optical quality and reasonable costs.

I'm worried the Pentax 67 lens could be for some reason soft, same the FD lens, though the Nikon 800mm 5.6 AI-S certainly must be good.

Honestly not sure if a TC-301 would help or is the same to just crop from lower ISO. I saw some sampling from various images techniques from Tony Northrup's recent moon video.

For Nikon lenses there's really no need to go with adapters for Canon, specially since high megapixels bodies like the D800 aren't that expensive nowadays.

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