Nikon D500 and Nikor 200-500 Handholdable

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Re: Nikon D500 and Nikor 200-500 Handholdable

Bill Ferris wrote:

melvinb wrote:

If you used the 200-500 with a lighter camera, like an older D5500 model, the lightweight of the D5500 might be a disadvantage? This is just an example.

The lower resolution does not bother anyone, eg D500 vs. D7200?

One thing to keep in mind, is that the D500 has very similar pixel density to the 45MP D850. Effectively, the D500 is a D850 in crop mode. That's an advantage for many bird and wildlife photographers who - even at 500mm with an APS-C camera - are still cropping. So while the D500's 20MP may seem low res, it's actually putting as many pixels on the subject as a D850 cropped to the same field of view, and more pixels than many other full-frame bodies.

While the D7200 and other APS-C cameras like the Canon 90D and Fuji X-T4 put a few more pixels on the subject, I'd rather have the superior AF, burst rate, buffer, build quality, lens selection and pro controls of the D500.

Very helpful.  About to pull the trigger.

Any other crop sensor Nikon bodies to consider?  Nikon mirrorless bodies?

Is there a teleconverter anyone recommends or too much of an assault on image quality?



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