Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Re: downmaket force Model Merger, Re-Think lineup

Pete_W wrote:

Bernard wrote:

Frankly I believe that the G90/G95 is a very compelling camera, and I may get one this coming Black Friday (if I can get over my aversion for FAS). Ergonomics, handling, size, and abilities, are fantastic- especially for straight general photographers.

I recently purchased a G95 and can say that it's a great camera.

I was concerned about the FAS having used the GX85 for the past 3+ years and mainly shooting by using the tilt LCD, but I am getting used to it quickly. And the much better EVF means that I tend to use it more than the FAS.

That's encouraging; especially since I am using a GX85 now as my main camera.  Thanks!  I was wondering if the viewfinder would make up for the FAS.  I prefer using a viewfinder (except for discreet street photography), but my aging eyeballs do not appreciate the small cropped image of the GX85.  It will be nice to have a camera where I actually enjoy looking through the viewfinder again!



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