Best place to buy a used Nikon 500mm f/4

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Re: Best place to buy a used Nikon 500mm f/4

patricksmith32 wrote:

You’re either looking only at retail stores or the price went up recently. When I sold my 400mm f2.8G VR I could only get $4100 and that lens has always been worth more than the 500mm! When I was looking at getting the 400mm f2.8E FL I looked at the 500mm f4G VR as well, because there were not many used 400mm FL lenses available. I saw the 500mm lenses selling on eBay for $3500-$4100, but mostly around $3800. I wouldn’t pay a dime over $4000 unless it came with a lot of extras or was mint condition. You might as well buy a 400mm f2.8G VR for that kind of money, it’s sharper and more versatile and produces better out of focus areas/bokeh. It was and is an unbelievable lens, I only upgraded to get the weight savings. I was more than happy with everything else, but if your looking to handhold you’ll need either the 500mm f4 VR or 500PF. Although I’ll always take the faster lens, and personally would never pay $3500 for the 500pf. It’s just too close in price to a used 500mm f4G VR. If your on a monopod or tripod most of the time though, the 400mm is definitely sharper and takes TC’s better than the 500mm.

I was under the impression that buying expensive lenses on eBay was a big “NO NO”.....due to fraudulent or fake lenses. Is this not the case? If not, how do you ensure that you’re buying a legitimate product?

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