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Re: Olympus 40-150 + 1.4 G9 ...

Marko_Finland wrote:

Interesting to hear about the positive experience about the lens performance with the 1.4x.

I recently bought the mc-20 to use with the 40-150mm and G9. No issues with general compatibility, autofocus also worked great but the combo just resulted in very soft images. Significantly softer than the Pana 100-300mm or the PL 100-400mm. Ended up sending the mc-20 back as it was not really usable. Would have been nice to have the 300mm reach without having to take another lens along..

Not sure if the 2x is then a bit of a stretch or if I just got a bad copy.

Good to hear though that the 1.4x seems to work well. Might have to consider it.


The MC14 was made specifically for the 40-150pro lens. Both were released together in November 2014. Kits with both lens and TC were available. I suspect it was optimized for the 40-150pro, as it did fit no other lens at the time. The 300pro lens did not exist yet, it only came 2 years later - and it was the second lens that could use the MC-14.

The MC-20, announced in January 2019, was made to fit both the 300pro and the older 40-150pro lens. I suspect though, it may be optimized better for the 300pro.

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