Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Re: downmaket force Model Merger, Re-Think lineup

007peter wrote:

Bernard wrote: Strange: The numbering doesn't make sense. The G95 is just over a year old, so that would be an astonishingly quick turnover. If they designate a "new" GH line or G9 successor, then it would appear like a downgrade, directly interfering with the G95 line. I don't get it really.

Agree that G100 numbering don't make sense from Existing lineup. Panasonic hasn't been selling well aside for the poplar G9. The entire lineup is overused for an overhaul.

Gh5/6/S will stay

G9 is a best seller for Panasonic will stay

everything else I think is subject to consolidation or out right elimination. G95, while new, compare poorly against Sony A6400, Fuji XT, Canon M6ii, so I can't rule out it might get the AX

I also think there is too many models. Sony APS-C has just 3: Top A6600, Middle A6400, A6100 for the low~end. Canon eos~m consolidated to just 3 as well: M6ii Top, M50 Middle, and M200 @the bottom.

I suspect G100 = New Direction for Panasonic replacing 1 or 2 combined models.

Sony A6400.  No IBIS.  I'm surprised they don't find imprints of it in rock along the Australian coast or in the Burgess Shale.

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