Best place to buy a used Nikon 500mm f/4

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Re: Best place to buy a used Nikon 500mm f/4

Except the 500 pf and 400 2.8 are WORLDS different photography tools ...

The 500 pf can easily be carried around all day on a hike for hours and hours and hours - and you have it instantly available to bring up to your eye for a fast shot of a fleeting bird or animal that would be long gone before you pull the super heavy 400 2.8 out of your backpack.

And how many people shoot the 400 2.8 handheld - which means you also need to pack and slug around a tripod and gimbal head, or a monopod at a minimum.

And by the time you unpack all that stuff - your wildlife has left the area.

The 400 2.8 is a destination lens that you backpack in to set up at ONE spot.  The 500 pf is an entirely different world of photography that can easily be carried and readied in a second for a fast shot.

The 500 pf might not be YOUR type of lens for your type of photography - but 99% of people will NOT be carrying around a 400 2.8 ready to shoot for wildlife that comes upon them spur of the moment during a hike.

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