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Re: Nicest camera to use

Great thread idea.

My humble suggestion - the Epson R-D1.

It really is a film like experience, without the hassle of film.

It's a digital rangefinder that requires you to wind the shutter every time you shoot.

It also has a limited buffer, so you can only rapid shoot 3 shots before you have to wait a few seconds for it to clear. So you slow down a little bit, not entirely unlike only having 36 shots a roll. I might shoot a film camera two or three shots in rapid succession, but then stop so as to not "waste film" (it's all wasted anyway....)

It's also got a good but old sensor, which just reminds me of shooting with film -- e.g., ISO800 is pretty clean for color, you can push past that for nice but grainy black and whites. 6 megapixels is enough to give you more clean detail than 35mm film, though obviously doesn't have those special film characteristics.

Full classic manual controls, dials, no need to use the LCD.  I started with this camera, and it was so easy to transition to other manual cameras, such as a Leica M, Nikon FE, etc.

I truly regret selling it. It's hard to justify from a performance standpoint. But the experience, for digital, was superlative.

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