Nikon D500 and Nikor 200-500 Handholdable

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Re: Nikon D500 and Nikor 200-500 Handholdable

EricK214 wrote:

melvinb wrote:

General question and maybe too vague.

How hand-holdable are a Nikon D500 and a Nikor 200-500?

I like to take photos of birds, loons, etc.

Thank you.


I have the D500 and the 200-500mm VR and find it pretty easy to hand hold generally and I can get down to 1/80 to 1/60. But at shutter speeds of 1/500, 1/800 and up is not very difficult. What you need to keep in mind the D500 is 1.9lbs and the 200-500mm is 5.1lbs, so you're going to be lugging and wielding 7lbs. A gallon of water is roughly 8lbs for reference.

I've heard of some shooting down between 1/30 to 1/13, but I can't get down there personally. If it's small birds perched at some distance, technique is paramount as stated above.

Is the D500 and 200-500 well balanced?



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