mechanical stablizer that allows gimbal calibration?

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Re: mechanical stablizer that allows gimbal calibration?

I know people in their 30s that are effectively old beyond their years and those in their 90s that are still young. What I mean by that is that there are often young people who don't embrace new technology, listening to old hands in the belief that their views still hold true. Some still want to shoot film because they think it's better.

As I said, Glidecams have their uses, but you'll find fewer people using them as motorised gimbals become ever better and far cheaper to own. Steadicams are a completely different kettle of fish compared to Glidecams.

The other thing with motorised gimbals is that they offer far greater versatility than can a Glidecam. You can put a motorised gimbal on a slider, a boom arm, an Easyrig or even a Glidecam.

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