mechanical stablizer that allows gimbal calibration?

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Re: mechanical stablizer that allows gimbal calibration?

Both technologies have their pros and cons, and I personally prefer the look of a steadycam shot over a motorized gimbal shot. To me it appears that motorized gimbals are generally more susceptible to the vertical bobble that occurs while walking.

OzRay wrote:

I also have a cheap Glidecam knock-off and it was only usable with a very light point and shoot camera.

Mine is rated for 33 lbs, although I'm sure that's largely marketing hype, and I don't have the muscles to hold 33 lbs, I'd definitely need a spring arm and vest.

While the Glidecam style stabilisers have their uses, they are an absolute mongrel to balance and generally use, compared to motorised ones.

They are much easier to balance when the gimbal is vertically adjustable and you only have to loosen two clamps to make X-Y adjustments. Many of the knock-offs followed the original Glidecam design that lacked a vertically adjustable gimbal and required you to loosen eight knobs to make X-Y adjustments. Counter weighted stabilizer aren't all created equal, the really cheap ones are mostly garbage, but Came, Laing, and Kovacam have had good stabilizer designs and quality for upwards of five years.

I think it this day and age, only the real die-hard, old-timers, want to use a Glidecam.

I'm still in my 20s, do I count as an old-timer?

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