Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Re: Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

James Stirling wrote:

SirHarry wrote:

Kent Ekasak wrote:

GX850/GF10 is pretty much another dead-end model, unless they add mic port and PDAF..

I love my gx850, especially for its 269 grams. Sometimes I wish the G100 is a square box with a big 9dBi wifi antenna on it. No evf, no screen, no ibis, no buttons, but wheatersealed. 99 grams at 99$

Would something like the Olympus Air work, I don't know much about its tech ? It does weigh in at 147g not 99 but not bad . The box is getting pretty tight maybe it is time for the makers to risk thinking outside the box

Kingfisher shot with the gx850 at 100 cm.

Dont underestimate that gx850.

Great catch of the Kingfisher

Yeah, I am actually looking for the olympus air a01 second hand. Pairing it with my 12-100mm might actually work on the zifon, weightwise.

I have looked in the manual, and other olympus camera manuals too, but it is VITAL that you can connect it through a router, to extend the range. You can do that with panasonic, not sure with olympus.

Thanx for reminding me. Sony has a similar camera like the air.

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