Nikon 105mm F1.4 - Extraordinary

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Re: Nikon 105mm F1.4 - Extraordinary

Yea, we're arguing Ferrari vs Lambo here, two great lenses. Size and flare resistance played a huge part in my decision too, probably more so than image quality in many ways. At some point I can only carry so many large lenses in a backpack!

But I'm glad Sigma had the balls to make such a lens. Or the 40. Neither are likely big sellers, but to those who like them, ever notice they *really* like them?

Also, I do think honest/transparent and character don't have to be mutually exclusive. It might be partially, but I point to the Zeiss 85/1.4 Milvus - not tack sharp wide open, but it's well corrected in the color aberrations, which means (to me) it has much cleaner bokeh, yet it's undercorrected the spherical a bit wide open to help the bokeh, it's not using any aspheres (helps the bokeh), but when you stop it down to where the SA goes away, it's about as transparent/honest as you can get. In some ways I prefer when a lens is extremely well corrected in all forms of CA; even if it's not super tack sharp wide open, I just don't like the negative (to me) influence of color aberrations at the apertures where they persist (wide open to 2 stops down for axial, any aperture for lateral) So it's a two personality lens that was designed sensibly for the uses it would likely encounter. It's my favorite bokeh 85 - by far, even over the excellent 85/1.4 AFD, which is just too messy color aberration wise for most of what I do, so I moved it on. I do understand why some love it's "look" so much though, and I continue to recommend it to many shooters based upon their specific needs.


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