06/2020 Would you still buy a Nikon D3s?

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Re: 06/2020 Would you still buy a Nikon D3s?

Nijcon wrote:

I currently have fast glass and a D700 trying to shoot middle school basketball and high school ballet. Neither are in good light. I have the 80-200 af-d 2.8 and a 85 1.4d but I am still in the iso range if 6400+.

I have the opportunity to buy a Nikon D3s for $900 with 30k on the shutter. I take care of my equipment but I am still concerned about the investment and possible repairs. Are there places that will repair 11 year old cameras?

Should I make the purchase or not? My budget is $950 and would consider a D4 but most in my price range are in the 200-300k actuations.

Advice please.

My advice, go for a used D750. Its 24MP FX sensor is still state of the art. Autofocus is probably not at the same level at the pro bodies, but for a non-pro this could be a good thing. A pro body like D3s might be too much for middle school events unless you already own one and are comfortable with it. If you are on a budget check out the used D600/D610 bodies which have almost similar sensor performance and you might get a good one for about 500$, but the autofocus performance is not at the same level as the D750.

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