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Swordman wrote:

Hey guys,

What, in your opinion, is your all time favourite camera in terms of how nice it is to use? No concessions to image quality, doesn't matter if it's film or digital, just nice to use.

For me, it's got to be the Pentax K1000 or Bronica SQ-A. The Pentax just feels so good and efficient to use, the Bronica is just an experience with a big waist level finder and thunderclap mirror slap.

So, what's yours?

Nice question, I'll join in the mode by voting for three cameras:

Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex 2 TLR with 120 FP4 - just loved the waist-level viewer

Nikon F601, still going strong after 30 years, good with AF and manual and metering excellent. With added bonus kerchunk from the film advance (also loved by my son).

Strangely, the Agfa Optima Flash, which was a little zone-focussing 35mm with good quality 40mm lens. As a street camera with stunningly good battery life which could work without batteries, it was great on holidays in strange places, particularly where I'd have felt way out of place with a more expensive camera.

I'm haven't included my recent D750, in part because it's fantastic but also, in common with most recent technology, has a lot of settings, which work wonderfully to make great results, but need more attention to get the results you want. I'm trying to think how to cleanly transition between the technician mode and really seeing the scene without that distraction. Obviously, some of the older film cameras necessarily have that merit of simplicity.

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