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Re: XF 23mm f/1.4

Michel Savage wrote:

My new used XF 23mm f/1.4 is very soft at 1.4 on autofocus S. People say: "Normal." I tried today manual focus, and I get a relatively sharper picture at 1.4 before I reach the infinity mark on the lens. Is it normal to achieve better "infinity" focus on manual than on autofocus? Thanks. Could it be that this particular lens is happier on manual?

I had a first copy of the 23mm f1.4.

Great leans except that the focus (in AF) was often a bit off. Not always, but very often.

It bothered me so much (I have kids that I like to shoot, so I need AF) that I ended up selling it.

I then purchased the XF 23mm f2. This one AF properly but I missed the shallower DOF of the f1.4. Hence, I bought another copy of the XF 23mm f1.4.

Same issue as the first copy. I ended up selling it (again)!

I did some research online and it appears quite a few people have the same issue with AF accuracy. Now, I'm done with the XF 23mm f1.4. I'm not sure what's the cause, but this lens has definitely some kind of AF issue for sure (is it QC? Manufacturing?...).

One interesting bit though: at close range subjects (say up to 1-1.5m), the AF accuracy was usually pretty good. However, for more distant subjects, it was often off.

Also, I own a XF 35mm f1.4 which I pretty much always shoot at f1.4. This one is pretty much always spot on. Never had any similar issues.

Now, I just ordered a Viltrox 23mm f1.4. I hope it won't have the same problem (fingers crossed)!

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