Astronomik UHC-E filter users?

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Re: Astronomik UHC-E filter users?

sharkmelley wrote:

The Astronomic UHC-E cuts out more than half the visible light so it will make focusing a bit more difficult.

What kind of lens will you be using? If you are using an E-mount lens then the rear element of the lens is much closer to the sensor than for traditional lenses. So the filter will cause colour shifts towards the edge of the image because of the transmission band shifts caused by the angle of incidence of the light rays going to the edge of the sensor.

Here's a daylight shot taken with a different camera but it illustrates the kind of effect that happens:

Astronomik CLS colour shift with wide angle


Yes, but you are using a WA zoom. This effect will disappear with longer focal length. Any example with >100mm?

I have the CLS clip-in filter from Astronomik and find it non-usable for nightscapes due to the strong color shift of the terrestrial foreground. I find it easier to do the LP removal later in post-processing like this:

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