Z6 vs Z7 Image Quality Difference

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Re: Z6 vs Z7 Image Quality Difference

24Peter wrote:

There may be the slightest difference - but on most devices and at normal viewing distances that difference will probably be imperceptible. In fact, you probably couldn't tell the difference between a Z7 shot and a mid-range cell phone photo under those conditions.

I don’t think this is correct. I have 5 megabyte (byte not megapixels) JPGS now from an APSC and I can clearly see the difference on a computer monitor between those and a cell phone photo.

Also keep in mind there's more to Image Quality than resolution. Dynamic range and low light/high ISO performance may also impact the final image. The Z6 excels slightly over the Z7 on both these metrics. But again you're splitting hairs and likely won't see those differences in a 5MP image.

The bigger question is why you're considering high end ILCs for this intended use. If you give us more information maybe we can steer you in a direction more suited to your needs.

FF ILC is considered because the pictures are for moving objects (pets/kids) indoors and outdoors.

It’s about having options. Outside I can have optical zoom capability, inside I can put on a fast lens.

So far based on the opinions here, the high resolution won’t offer much benefit for my use case, so the Z6 is the sensible purchase.

Only thing I think I’d be missing out on is the ability to put a DX lens on the camera for extra reach in outdoor situations. I think if I put the 50-250 DX Z on a Z7 it will produce a better image than putting It on the Z6, even if the image quality is reduced to 5 megabytes.

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