mechanical stablizer that allows gimbal calibration?

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Re: mechanical stablizer that allows gimbal calibration?

Could you post links to the stabilizers that you've tried? Can you return them? If not, you could try drilling and tapping calibration holes in the gimbal, and it would be best if you could use a drill press.

Chinese stabilizers can have quality control issues, so it's best to order from a site that has a good return policy.

Glidcams are the only stabilizers I've seen that have calibrations screws. Steadicams don't have them, but they also have much tighter tolerances to begin with (see this video).

I have a laing P-4S stabilizer, it doesn't have the calibration set screws, but the bearing doesn't have much play eather, and the gimbal is vertically adjustable, which makes it much easier to balance. Motorized gimbals are all the rage these days, so used Glidcams should be pretty cheap, but their DGS is the only model with a vertically adjustable gimbal.

Also, most cheap stabilizers use standard bearings which incorporate thick grease, so you'll need to re-oil the bearing to get good performance out of the stabilizer. Here's a tutorial I made that explains the process.

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