Z6 vs Z7 Image Quality Difference

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Re: Z6 vs Z7 Image Quality Difference

Calibur wrote:

If the final target for my image is a 5MB JPG, will the Z7 produce a better image than a Z6?

Saying "5MB JPG" doesn't mean much.  Or maybe it does.  If I save a full resolution Z7 file as a JPG at full quality out of Photoshop it is usually well over 30MB.  I have to down-rez the image to around 2400x3600 pixels to get something close to a 10MB JPG at full quality.  I can then get it down to 5MB by reducing the JPG quality.  So were looking at a 8.5 megapixel image at this point.

So let's say that in general you need to reduce your photos down to a 10 MP image and reduce the quality of the JPG output file.

Technically speaking the Z7 image downsized is going to yield a better quality photo than a Z6 file at the same MP.  But in practice I don't think most people will see a lot of difference without scrutiny.

What would be the advantages of the Z7 over the Z6 (if any) in this case? Or would the Z6 have any advantages?

Z7 has slightly better DR if shooting below ISO 100.  The Z6 has slightly better high ISO IQ, although that advantage will mostly go away if downsizing the photos to 10 megapixels.

The Z6 reportedly auto-focuses a little better in very low light situations.

If you really are going to be reducing all your final images to 5MB JPG photos for viewing than I think a Z7 is way overkill.

Normally if you start with a higher resolution image and compress it, you end up with a better picture than if you started with a lower resolution image. However since both are full frame sensors, I'm not sure if this is still true.

I don't think full frame really plays into this.  I think APS-C would behave the same way.

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