Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Re: Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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I love these threads. It’s brilliant, sitting back & watching all the OCD bubble up, as people can’t tolerate camera designations not being completely orderly & predictable, and start pounding their keyboards. I’d bet good money that there’s more than one Japanese marketing person/s, leaning back in their chairs, cackling their heads off reading about all the angst & hand wringing their latest model designations is causing

Personally I never care what things are called, but it would help forums enormously if camera models carried the same designation all around the world, instead of being different in various countries!

Probably this is to make life tricky for grey market sellers across borders.

Unfortunately the poor consumer is caught in the cross fire, but who cares about them if the greater profits from local price gouging result. In the wretched UK we all know well about that one with the ubiquitous custom of $1=£1.

The way things are going £1-$1 may become reality The covid crisis has distracted from the yet to unfold Brexit induced "free trade" disaster . Anyone who seriously thinks Johnson and his fellow clowns are capable of negotiating good deals { for the UK citizens  } is living in dream land

I remember Panasonic at work when I pre-ordered a lens at apparently an advantageous price. I recall it was the 25mm f1.7. When the lens came out the supplier I had placed the order with had no stock so I cancelled and bought at the same price from another supplier at the same price so the pre-order was a complete waste of time. The pre-order was difficult as when my Paybal balance in the interim well before the lens came out dipped below the lens price the pre-order lapsed and I had to restart it.

Then to add insult to injury they started dumping the lens in the States a short time later at a massive discount. I remember a similar US region price dump happening with one of their compacts like the LX7 The price in the UK held near the issue and pre-order price from what I remember. Localising sales in to regions is important to these companies with the US for turnover and the rest for margins. All different now with nowhere for turnover.

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