First test use of Laowa 100 2X macro (and new diffusion)

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First test use of Laowa 100 2X macro (and new diffusion)

These images are from a test session which is documented in this post on another site, with the subsequent post documenting a new diffusion arrangement that I was using for the flash shots in the test session. (I will start a new thread here to seek advice about diffusion problems when I have been able to test the new diffuser arrangement with a suitable - highly reflective, high curvature - subject.)

The main objective of the session was to test the practicality of a setup which would let me capture large depth of field single-capture (i.e. non-stacked) images of active subjects covering the full range of scene sizes that I want to cover (infinity focus down to 4 mm or so scene height) without having to change lenses in the field or carry more than one camera.

The rig was an EF-mount Laowa 100 2X macro lens on a 2X Kenko TelePlus Pro teleconverter on a Sigma MC-11 EF to FE adapter on a Sony A7ii, with a Yongnuo YN24EX flash front-mounted on the Laowa with home made flash head diffusers.

The images below in this post cover the main intended use of the setup, for flash images of invertebrates. There are some natural light images of flowers in a response post. For my purposes the rig will definitely be sub-optimal for flowers etc (I have specialised kit optimised for flowers), but I was interested in whether I would be able to get "good enough" results with flowers using this rig if I was out photographing invertebrates but happened upon any flowers that I wanted to photograph.

There are more images from the test session in this album at Flickr.











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