Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

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Re: Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

I can understand Fuji fans being defensive when they participate in Fuji vs Third Party lens discussions. Everyone wants to defend their own investments, after all.

Personally I think the Viltrox 85mm 1.8 is one of the best lens options for Fuji out there at the moment. For me, it's a specialised focal length that doesn't get a lot of use so the value proposition of spending big on the Fuji 90mm vs the Viltrox 85mm favours the Viltrox, depending on how much you value any perceived advantages that Fuji has vs the extra cost you need to pay.

That said, the Fuji lenses I use suit me down to the ground - I've always had a great experience with Fuji glass and I'll keep using it as my first option in the majority of cases. This isn't an objective measurement of their performance, it's just that they work for me and I find them good value for their cost vs my assessment of their quality.

My short time shooting with the Viltrox 23mm I found it a perfectly adequate lens, but I was very keen to get back to my Fuji 23mm once I was done with it.

I hope third party manufacturers make great glass for Fuji, it's a benefit to the system, not a challenge we need to react defensively to.

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