Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

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Re: Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

Rmcp20 wrote:

Not that buying a Fuji f2 or 1.4 is a mistake, it isn't, i have na 23mm f2 myself, its just that thinking about someone buying something that does the job cheaper then what we spent makes us angry...Actually thats something funny.

Well said. I'm one guilty of that. When viltrox released the 33f1.4, I'm thinking of selling my more expensive XF35f1.4. However consider the fact that, a used XF35 price isn't that much different compare to the new Viltrox 33mm, i've decided I will just keep the 35. Ever since, I'm hoping to see more 'con' in every other review of the viltrox 33 to justify my decision to keep the XF35. And also, to convince myself, I will always tell myself that the XF35 has 'magic' . On top of that, the viltrox lens design is ugly and bigger. I really like how small and better looking design of the XF35 despite the slower and noisy autofocus motor.

Myself i will just wait for the Tokina 23mm f1.4 to see is coatings or glass elements are diferent from the Viltrox. Also it depends on the price Tokina will ask.

If its the same but more expensive (tokina branding costs), then i will buy the Viltrox, as i don't even consider spending $800 or more in a 23mm lens, but for $300 or $330 im fine with that.

I"m thinking the same as regard to the Tokina Vs Viltrox. From what I've read about both their 85f1.8 offerings, it seems to be same lens with slightly different outer appearance only. And I'm also with you about not willing to spend $800 in a 23mm lens, especially for the fact that, the viltrox has a better center sharpness at f1.4 than the XF23, which is what I've intended to use most of the time.

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