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Peter A. Stavrakoglou wrote:

Well, I'm not experiencing any of the issues you are with my lens. Those "patches" are 'vignetting'. Vignetting is normal for a lens like this but not like I see in your photo - it's almost as if the lens hood is extended out too far on the lens but that's not possible since the built-in hood cannot be moved. I say this because some time I had a Sigma 8-16mm EX lens on an APS_C crop sensor camera. The lens hood was removable. If you used it while shooting wide-open at 8mm, you would see very heavy vignetting. Without the lens hood, it was fine. Check this link for the type of vignetting you should experience, which is quite different from what your lens produced:

Here is a series of out-of-camera JPGs I just shot. All are at 16mm, I started at f2.8 and stopped-down in increments to f10. There's no real vignetting at all or any type of flare like you have see from your lens.

I really appreciate your quick reply. Unfortunately my copy is causing this weired problem. I tested it with various combinations in my EOS RP. I don't have another full frame DSLR at my place to test it out. I have a cropped sensor Canon (550D/Rebel T2i) and seems to work fine there.

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