How to pick a WA lens?

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Re: How to pick a WA lens?

dog house riley wrote:

I want to thank all who put their 2 cents into my question of a W/A lens. I've studied several and for my need I think the latest version of the 18 35 would be all I'd need

I had the first one from back around 2000, and using on film was fine thats why I bought it. But in 2004, I bought my 1st digital, a D70, and on that crop sensor body I just didn't like it. So now shooting my D750, it'll work fine. Thank you all so much.

"dog house riley"

An 18-35mm FX-equivalent is my preferred "walkaround" lens. It covers a lot of subjects particularly environmental portraits. Such zooms have been mainstays in pro editorial/PJ kits since the 1990s. (I use a 12-24mm f4 Tokina with my DX Nikons.)

The choice used to be easy: Get a UWA 2.8 Nikkor. Every version is relatively small/light with good but not great optics. But stopped-down they sharpen-up nicely. I wish that Nikon would introduce a new 17-35mm 2.8 zoom or similar with improved specs. I still have a 20-35mm 2.8 Nikkor that has seen a lot of use (and survived a very hard fall that would have likely killed a lesser 21st century zoom. . .) that thankfully does not have an internal AF motor. My only gripe is it isn't quite wide enough. . . 18mm is plenty for my needs.

I'm not a fan of variable-aperture glass but if I was in the market for an UWA zoom the Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8~4 would be on my list. That is if I couldn't find an acceptable f2.8 or f4 alternative. . .

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