The GR 1 lens unit laid bare

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Re: The GR 1 lens unit laid bare

breth wrote:

Hello @mikphoto, and thanks very much for commenting and taking an interest.

I did look at your video when my lens got stuck - I tried using your method with a discarded carton roll from toilet paper, but with little success. I did manage to push the lens back in, but this didn't return proper functionality. This was another reason I decided to take the camera apart, I had pretty much given up hope, and didn't mind investing in a new GR II.

I'm not sure that I understand what you're saying about what you call the screw over-reaching. From my observation, there is simply a system of cogs that interacts with a grooved section of the lens unit, pushing and retracting the lens housing.

I sold my GR II in parts a while ago an can not identify the exact position anymore. I recall a longer screw when looking inside the barrel from the sensor side.

Once I released the pressure from this (by just loosening 4 screws if I recall), the lens unit moved without a problem. Something was resisting this movement, and it could very well have been parts of the disintegrating seal, or particles of grit/dust/dirt.

If you had been correct about it being an issue of over-reach, then the camera should have continued to function after the lens went back in.

sure, there can be several ways of blocking the barrel from rotating, anything that gets in between.

What is strange in my opinion, is that this flaking seal does not seal a moving area - this is why I thought that a simple rubber O-ring type seal might have been just as good. But I am definitely not an engineer.

Too bad that no one else has documented a disassembly of the lens unit - it would be interesting to compare the look of the seals, the amount of dust, etc.

I have another dead GR and think that it is ready to be disassebled for sake of insideGR TV.

I feel that if users like us continue to provide good evidence to what seems like poor sealing in the GR line, maybe someone up there in Ricoh will take notice.

I think this issue is known but not adressed because of the relatively small amount of people pointing at it. Luckily the III is getting more popular so the pressure of improving something might increase for the next iteration.

They already introduced a dust-removal mechanism in the GR III, which means that this is an issue that they could not continue to ignore.

Shaking the dust off seems to be an idea, question is, where does it shake it to?

Any design change like this in such a small and serious camera for sure had to be planned carefully, and demanded resources of time and money.

As I mentioned in another thread, I , and probably many others, would be happy to pay what they are now asking for a "special edition" camera, for a properly sealed standard GR camera, minus all the fashionable paraphernalia.

Lets stay optimistic that Ricoh keeps riding the IIIs Street Photo Sale Wave and later comes up with a WR-GR. It will easily find the Landscape/Travel Photography fanbase.

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