Sony 135mm f1.8 or new Sigma 100-400mm + Sony 85mm?

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Re: Sony 135mm f1.8 or new Sigma 100-400mm + Sony 85mm?

tonyz1 wrote:

I've been re-building my lens kit away from medium-sized primes (e.g. Batis) to large and versatile Sigma zooms with a few small primes for when I want to go light. The last remaining gap in my kit is at the telephoto end between 70mm to 200mm and would love some thoughts on how to fill this? Not interested in any of the 70-200mm options available since I want at least one lens faster than f2.8.

My current kit are the Sigma 14-24mm, Sigma 24-70mm, Sony 200-600mm, and the Sigma 45mm as a small prime. The Sony 200-600mm might be sold if I grab the 100-400mm more but for now I'd keep both in my kit. I've narrowed it down to the Sony 135mm f1.8 or the new Sigma zoom + one of the sony 85mm options - most likely the f1.8.

I would use the lens or lenses for: portrait photography (mostly indoors and casual friends & family), landscape photography, some wildlife photography, and street photography (day time and low light). I had a batis 135mm that worked pretty well for these use cases but not wedded to the 135mm focal length.

I would love to get everyone's thoughts on how you would think about this decision. Thanks!

I have the Tamron 70-180 and FE 200-600 but still think 100-400 is a great walkabout zoom when I wouldn’t want to lug 200-600 around (as I always would for birding)

That said 135 GM is just a lens in its own category that accomplishes what it does in a way no zoom can touch. In fairness a 135 prime is really no substitute for the zoom versatility either.

Strange decision that leads me to believe you need both as neither substitutes the other.

On the separate issue of 85, I found Samyangs offering so compelling I skipped over either Sony’s 1.8 and GM offering

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