Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

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Re: Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

unhappymeal wrote:

Yeah, there's an element of hyperbole to some posts, but others seem to be personally offended that you would even compare the Viltrox against the Fujinons (f/1.4 or f/2). It's bizarre. I saw posts in the other thread stating that the Viltrox had such border sharpness that it was intolerable--the Fujinon f/1.4 isn't exactly perfect either.

Actually thats something funny. Fuji 1.4 has better corner sharpness, nor somethign we can discuss about.

However, people were saying the Viltrox had horrible vigneting...

Hmmm, the Viltrox actually vigentes less than both the f2 and the f1.4 Fujis, what you get in jpgs is in camera correction. But to correct 2.5 stops of vignetting you loose the resolution advantage you had in the corners anyway.

So both arguments were used, and a lot of times, when in reality you will either have better sharpness with more vigneting, or less vigneting without better sharpness.

Others said vigneting is easily fixed in post, but the CA on the Viltrox is a deal breaker.

As far as i know, CA are also very easily corrected.

Myself i will just wait for the Tokina 23mm f1.4 to see is coatings or glass elements are diferent from the Viltrox. Also it depends on the price Tokina will ask.

If its the same but more expensive (tokina branding costs), then i will buy the Viltrox, as i don't even consider spending $800 or more in a 23mm lens, but for $300 or $330 im fine with that.

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